My goal, my passion, is to bring the highest standard of artistic and technical expertise to your project. Whether that be composing a score for your latest film or mixing it down so it sounds bigger and bolder than ever. I’ll strive to for the best until it can be proudly presented to the world in its most positive form.


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Reviews & Testimonials

Aaron’s first album “Noir Ambiance” released in 2007 gained some traction after being used in an Dutch media initiative to help refugees in war torn Darfur. It’s also been featured in commercials, segments of TV shows such as NBC’s /Drive, and several short and feature length films. Tracks from Noir Ambiance such as The Salt Flats have been played as cool down tracks after a set by some major UK DJ’s.

on Noir “… this is one great album! It epitomizes what Ambient is all about – unobtrusive when listened to as background music, yet lush and rich in detail when listened to attentively.”

” A new discovery! Just found this on Spotify. Now bought it as a download. I love good ambient music, but the true jewels are hard to find. There is an ocean of mediocre ambient, new-age, chill-out, etc. music out there. This is nothing of the sort. Deceptively simple, but hauntingly beautiful, depths of emotion and feeling. Something very pure and precious captured here. Get it. You won’t regret it. Will bring something magical to your mood and world. “

” I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon this album, but I am truly glad I did. It’s full of delicate washes of sound mixed with sweeping envelopes. It hints towards Vangelis, but is brought up to date. I get sucked into the whole album, and I let it create broad landscapes within my mind. Beautiful, I hope we hear more from Aaron Marshall in the future.”

from the director, Scott Schirmer:

” Love this music. Aaron Marshall is blessed with a keen understanding of how raw, musical sounds affect the human psyche. His ability to combine, mix, and layer these sounds is incredible. I listen to music to have an emotional reaction, and Aaron’s music does this for me without fail. I particularly love “Peace and Gravity” — the musical equivalent of an ecclesiastic epiphany and the humble peace that follows.”