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Aaron Marshall is an ambient music producer and composer based in the enchanted forests of southern Indiana. With a passion for creating immersive and evocative soundscapes, Aaron has made a name for himself in the music industry, crafting ambient journeys and emotive scores that transport audiences to another world.

In addition to his work in electronic music, Aaron is also an avid field recorder, gathering sounds from nature and everyday life to incorporate into his compositions. From an industrial construction zone, to the symphonic wetlands teeming with life, Aaron is constantly seeking out new and interesting sounds to incorporate into his music.

With a deep love for all things atmospheric and ambient, Aaron is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music, using innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology to bring his sonic visions to life. Whether he is working on a film score or creating an ambient tune, Aaron is always striving for excellence and emotional depth in his work.

My other project, Hydra Coil, delves deeper into the ambient genre, with a more purist approach. It began in 2004, when my friend Marcus Aurelius was living in Australia. We had a unique synergy and would often inspire each other creatively. He would send me a clip, and I would add melodies, movements, and enhancements to it, then send it back. Our dream was to produce a full-length album one day, but it seemed like a distant possibility. We continued to exchange clips and create short songs, but nothing significant emerged until 2010. By then, we were living closer together in Northern California, and everything fell into place. We spent about 6-7 months working tirelessly on our album, NOVA, and it was a magical experience. We finally achieved our goal and it was like climbing the peak of Everest and returning to tell the tale. The album was mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer John Greenham (Billie Eilish) and it exceeded our expectations. We have since released seven studio albums and are currently working on our eighth.

Aaron Marshall · Ambient & Film music

Enhance your creative projects with my collection of high-quality field recordings. These sounds were carefully captured by me over the years and are constantly updated (when I get around to it!). Use them in your own work, but don't forget to give me credit and link back to my site. I would love to see how you use these sounds and hear the finished product. Explore the possibilities and elevate your audio to the next level with my field recordings.

note: I retain all rights to my recordings, but I am happy to allow you to use them in your projects, be they commercial or non-commercial and non-exclusively. Please be aware that there are certain restrictions on how the recordings may be utilized, such as not creating derivative works or sample libraries or instruments. You may include them in songs, films, and presentations, among other uses. While I reserve the right to revoke these permissions at any time, I am generally quite lenient and extremely unlikely to do so.

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I have been creating hybrid pieces, seamlessly blending 3D elements with reality captured in photographs. Through the utilization of 360-degree light samples, high megapixel photographs, and advanced 3D rendering techniques and particle systems, I am able to accurately simulate all practical light sources and atmospheres with an extremely high level of accuracy, while still allowing for a degree of creative freedom in the insertion of imaginative elements with 3D models and textures.

The final stage of my process involves the incorporation of classical 2D elements, digital tools, blending, burning and dodging, all guided by a deep understanding of color grading and the photographic process. This allows me to bind the technological and aesthetically disparate elements together into a cohesive and evocative tapestry, guided by the overarching principles of my art direction.

The process is fascinating to me, granting me the ability to breathe life into concepts that transcend the boundaries of science fiction and fantasy, the unusual and abstract, and even the extraordinary and supernatural. Through this medium, I seek to not only convey ideas, but also to give form to the intangible musings of my dreams and nightmares.

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